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Aerial footage in Hungary and beyond

We have been working in media for over 10 years, and have been worked for plenty leading media outlets like BBC, ABC News, Associated Press, Leopard USA, UK's Channel 5, The New York Times, the Washington Post and others. Beyond and before shooting we also offer thoroughful pre-production, which covers everything from site visits, licensing, getting the required FAA permissions, and other work-related errands.

We offer a wide selection of drones, so our clients may choose the most suitable platform for the job: we fly the cutting edge Inspire 2 premium and the Inspire 1 pro, the latest Phantom series, the superb DJI S900 hexacopter with Blackmagic Pocket Cinema or Panasonic GH4 camera or the ultimate heavy lifter octo, which can lift the RED Epic or the Alexa Mini. On the ground we operate the Freefly Systems TERO + MOVI M10 camerastabilizator to get the shots our clients need.

Our drones are fitted with the latest and most professional flight controllers (DJI A2/A3), our transmitters are all cutting edge Futabas with sophisticated failsafe modes.

Both the cameraman and pilot have full HD live feed on the ground, thus we can use our production monitors to control and achieve the angles and footage exactly what we are looking for.

Indoor flights, broadcast

Our camera platforms are capable of shooting high definition stills up to 21MP and even more. We can even fly indoors, thus our quadcopter is a great alternative to a jib. Our bigger drones are mounted with full HD video downlinks for monitoring and broadcast purpose. We have been shooting lots of feature films, advertisements, construction videos, independent movies and stock footage. For more information check our gallery of work or contact us for stock footage.

Stock footage and photos

We have plenty of stock footage available of Budapest and other stunning locations and cities in Hungary. Call or email us for more information, descriptions and quotes, we speak fluent English and Russian.

Hire us abroad

We have experience in shooting abroad, even in war zones. Our most compact drone, which fits in a backpack, records in 4K and shoots 20MP+ stills. Contact us, should you need a drone operator to accompany your crew.

Our drone park

Inspire 2 premium drone, 5.2K raw + prores HQ / 4444 (pilot + gimbal operator)
Inspire 1 pro (pilot + gimbal operator)
TERO buggycam + Freefly Systems MOVI M10 camerastabilizator (driver + gimbal operator)
Professional heavy lifter, dual controller (pilot + gimbal operator)
S900 professional camera platform, dual controller (pilot + gimbal operator)
Phantom 4 (single pilot)

Testimonials, reviews and more

Aerial footage for BBC shot with our Phantom 4 drone.
NBC News used our footage presenting a super cool yoga session in Budapest.
A The New York Times piece with our aerial footage from Idomeni.
Idomeni migrants
Daily Mail
Our aerial photos via Associated Press
ABC News
Huffington Post
One America News Network and Reuters also cited us as primary source.

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